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Volunteers: Models with Hair Thinning For 2017 Hair Showcase

Be a part of a great cause and volunteer for the Hair Showcase Extravaganza if you experience hair loss or thinning hair. This is a great opportunity for you to explore your options and hopefully become a client.


You may be wondering what's in it for you as a volunteer model.  We understand that everyone is not comfortable with letting the world know that they are suffering from alopecia, we understand your concerns. My goal is to bring awareness of, and to educate regarding natural look and feel options for alopecia, and to emphasize it's nothing to be ashamed of. 


Therefore, we are reaching out to amazingly special people like you to join us. We would love to connect with you by email or by phone to see if you are a good candidate to be a Cachet Model. We have different programs that we will select and test on each model. We will determine which program is a win-win for each of us. 

Please send your email to
to receive the model application form. 

Complete and return the application, and we will get back with you.


DISCLAIMER: As a volunteer, there is no payment for this service, but a discount on a suitable hair system may be offered.

Volunteers: Non-Hair Loss Clients/Models

We welcome and thank you for wanting to be a hair model for this event. The Hair Showcase Extravaganza is a venue to model our hair systems and wigs for all type of clients. 

Please send your email address to, to receive the model application. Complete and return it, and we will get back to you. 


DISCLAIMER: As a volunteer, there is no payment for this service, but a regular hair service discount may be offered.

Model Requirement Form

Please send Model Application for the Hair Showcase 2017!

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