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Chemotherapy With Hair Loss

Solutions For Chemo Patients With Hair Loss

This client had to go thought radiotherapy, but what make it hard for some clients is when they lose their hair. So and now she has radiotherapy hair loss. Not all clients will lose all their hair from chemotherapy, if so many times the hair grows back with a different texture.

Ms. Jackie understand the importance of you recovering after your chemo treatment! When you are deal with hair loss from chemo or medically related hair loss, such as chemotherapy, burns, lupus, trichotillomania or alopecia; she will love to be part of your support system. A place you can turn to for your image consultant or a new you. If part of your recovery is to restore your hair or have a cranial prosthesis system, she can help in designing a system that is lite and feels natural. When needing treatments, she will take a holistic approach to heal the hold body.

You can even use your own hair before treatment, if possible, to create a cranial prosthesis or a hand tried system. 

She can work with your insurance or you can apply for in house financing.  Let her help you look your best, or recover your style.

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