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Is Covid19 Causing Hair Loss

Is Covid19 Causing Hair Loss

This year has been a season of so much loss in so many ways for some of us. We have lost jobs, loss businesses, family members, and so much more. Some of us are looking at this bad boy called covid19 and say it will go away soon. Now, covid19 has a brother; Omicon and it wants to take even more, WOW. Looking at what these viruses are doing to our bodies can have many side effects as we can see in some people.

I am a trichologist, cosmetologist and is always concern what it is doing to our scalp and hair. I have heard other stylists say their clients are loosing their hair after covid-19. I said, What. All that is happening today, and now covid19 is causing hair thinning/loss.

Well, in September I got covid19 from a client, but I also had pneumonia, that made it very bad for me, having one kidney. I was out for a month. I want to tell you that it is all true about covid-19 can cause hair loss.
Some side effects of covid19 are causing some clients to loose ​their hair all over after a month or two. It happens to me. At first, I combed my hair and saw a lot of hair shading. I said, oh, that is different. Then, the next few weeks, there was even more hair, it look like I had gotten  a bad relaxer.

Well, you know the types of words came out of my mouth, like “oh Shittttt. Oh shittt, fuc... It's taken out my hair."
"This shitttt... just got real" I started tripping hard, I couldn't help it.
What am I'm going to do? I'm supposed to be growing hair, how will this look God.

Well, I had to get it together. So, I asked GOD what should I do. I grow hair with my hair infusion therapy treatments for hair loss, okay, I said I can build the nourish the follicles. The treatment will grow hair that is bald or thin with alopecia. I said this would work because the program will straighten the hair follicle, and I need that to grow my hair back to be even more healthier.

GOD always give you what you need at the right. GOD, I got it; I needed to start a healthy hair campaign to help grow back hair from covid19. You see I can help, I have a treatments to grow hair back from alopecia/balding or a client with no edges. But now I can help clients that have had covid19 hair loss too.

I ask you:

* Do you have hair thinning?

* No hairline or edges?

* Do you have alopecia?

* Do you have hair loss from covid-19

Let's Stop Your Hair Loss Today. We can grow your hair back. With no shots or needles, it's Vitamin Infusion Therapy. Look at these results from the Infuse hair therapy treatments from these men with hair loss, and you can grow hair back too.
Before And After Hair Loss Treatments


If you have been experiencing some thinning/hair loss?
Maybe you have hair loss or alopecia.

If you are in Houston, Texas or maybe you can drive in, but please note that treatments have to be done weekly are bi-weekly. So if you have tried so many other things I understand.
But now lets get some results for your hair thinning. Come in for treatments.
Here's a gift for you, I want to invite you to a 15-minute complimentary scalp analysis. Just go to the booking site and choose the 15-Scalp Analysis. There is a Holiday Hair Loss Promotion you can use for treatments.

You may want to come to our "Salon Mixer For Hair Loss"
January 16, 2022 at 1:00pm. There is only 10 sits to this event.

Please make your appointment; we have a special holiday price. Hope to see you soon,

​Visit us at http://healthyhairclinic.booksy.com for more info and to book you're an appointment!

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