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Installation And Install Services

Glueless Lace Wig
Sew Down Wig Topper Hair System Melt Down
Glue-less System Band System Sew-Down Prosthesis Hair Toppers Prosthesis Lace Melt


Glue-less System - Elastic Band Method

You can choose my glue-less system, where a band or combs is used to hold your wig in place. You can also use a gel to hold the lace edges in place. An elastic band or adjustable wig strip is used to hold the lace of the wig flat, and clips or wig combs can be added for extra support. This method is used for the wig to be removed at night.

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Wig System Sew-Down

The wig is molded/styled to lay flat around the edges for a natural look. Your hair is braided flat and protected so it does not move. The wig's top, sides, middle, nape, and edge are sewn down to give a natural look. The method will take 4 to 6 weeks.

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Prosthesis or Lace Wig Melt Method

This is the most invisible method of lace installation that looks natural and undetected. Different types of adhesive can hold your lace wig in place without damaging your edge. We recommend having a patch test before your installment date. We always protect your hairline when we use adhesive or glue gel; this is why the adhesive is placed ½ inch away from the hairline. Above the ear, the nape and middle of the wig can be sewn down for extra support. Depending on the adhesive and lifestyle, this method will last 1 to 3 weeks.

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Prosthesis Topper Hair System Method

The attached system can be installed using different techniques with or without braids. We use your hair to lay in a flat direction, making attaching toppers or hair additions easy. Toppers are great for integration systems so that your own hair can be blended in with the system, giving you a natural and realistic look while your real hair is growing.

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Beaded Hair System Method 

The breaded weave system has no braids that make sewn tracks less visible than your ordinary braided sew-in weaves. This method will last 4 to 6 weeks (depending on your texture). This method is flat and helps with less pulling on the base or roots as your hair grows out with a system or tracks. Hair welts or systems will look and feel natural.