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Healthy Hair Services

I'm Ms. Jackie, the original owner of the Healthy Hair Salon and Healthy Hair Clinic. I am a cosmetologist who service clients for hair loss, and solutions, hair styling, hair color, cuts, hair softening, relaxers, natural hair and wellness for the body and skin.








But I am also a Trichologist  

I help clients who are experiencing dry hair, scalp disorders, distress hair, breakage, hair shedding, hair loss, dry or problem skin, and body detox products. 

I formulate products for healthier hair, body, and skin, creating products and systems that help grow back hair. Products such as soaps, body scrubs, skincare products, and body products bring balance to the whole body and wellness.

If you have any problems, try one of my corrective hair treatments for chemically damaged hair. I am an expert in growing your edges back or your money back

Let me grow your edge back with my treatments or your money back.

YES, I can help! 

I am a certified Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Tech, A Master Hair Ventilator, and a Hair System Designer. I design custom hair systems, cranial prostheses, and toppers for clients with hair loss or trichotillomania.

Some systems are made with an Industrial Sewing Machine. You can have your medical wigs, hair toppers, and I-tips customize and colored in different designs to look like your own hair. Yes, I design men's units also, custom hair systems, and toupees too.


Try My Hair Treatment For Hair Breakage or Hair Loss

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