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What Is Trichology?

Trichology refers to the study of the scalp. Specifically, a trichologist is a specialist in hair and scalp problems. A trichologist may deal with issues including hair loss, dandruff, thinning or breaking hair, dry or oily scalp, and other conditions related to the skin or hair on the scalp. A visit with a trichologist may include a detailed, microscopic look at the hair shaft. A certified and trained trichologist can recommend steps to improve these conditions or refer individuals to other medical specialists. If you are experiencing scalp or hair problems, a trained trichologist may spot conditions that might be missed by other professionals, including doctors and professional hair stylists and provide options that may not have been considered or suggested.

How to Treat Female Hair Loss

In some women, hair loss is due to a lack of estrogen and/or progesterone. To decrease hair loss, estrogen and progesterone can be administered in either pill or cream form. Some women also use birth control pills (there are some side effects as well) to improve the quality of their hair. To determine if hormone therapy would be beneficial, you must consult your physician and undergo blood testing. Poor diet, disease, and certain medications can also lead to female hair loss. In this case, the underlying issue must be addressed before the hair can be restored. Because female hair loss is a very delicate problem, women are encouraged to seek professional help. Certified, well-trained hair care  professional will assess the cause of your problem and determine the best way to slow your hair loss and promote new growth

Does Hair Restoration Really Work?

Hair restoration can work well for those who have not yet lost all of their hair. While it is a possible solution and can work for many individuals, consumers must remember that it is possible for the hair to die and it is not always successful for every individual. Some men and women will not always see the results they desire. Despite the fact that it does not work in every situation, it is a useful way to prevent balding before it becomes too advanced. Talking to a  hair loss restoration professional can help determine if it is an appropriate solution and identify the risks involved in the transplant process, as well as, help determine the risk of failure.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Typically Last?

Depending upon the type of extensions added to the hair, most will last from two to four months or slightly longer before having to be reapplied. This varies depending upon how they are applied to the hair (glued or sewn in), as well as, how well they are taken care of. 

For those who are interested in extensions, please visit our hair loss restoration clinic for more details. This may include extensions or other treatments for hair loss and thinning hair. We are a professional hair loss restoration clinic that can recommend the best course of treatment to help anyone with an option for a full, thick head of hair again or restore their hair.

How to Wash Hair Extensions

Like your natural hair, extensions get dirty and should be cleaned every three to four days. This is a must to clean extensions weekly to achieve healthy hair when wearing extensions. Always remember to gently brush out hair extensions before washing them. The proper way to do this is by beginning at the ends and working your way up to avoid tangles. Next, wet the extensions with warm water and apply a generous amount of extension shampoo and massage it in, lather gently and rinse thoroughly. Then, apply conditioner to help in obtaining optional moisture, and rinse. Wrap the hair with a towel to absorb any water, spray leave-in conditioner using a comb to work through any tangles, then style as normal.

Any information on the pages of this website is not attended to diagnose any illness or sickness. We use cosmetic treatment for all our clients that have hair loss or hair restoration due to any internal imbalances. We are not doctors nor do we claim to heal clients.

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