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What Does A Trichologist Do?


We are trained trichologist helping people who have problems with their hair or scalp.  So often  we see the first signs of imbalances that relates to the hair and scalp in both adults and children. Our trichologist will consult with you to examine the scalp and hair to determine the disorder and underlying cause.  This examination is done under  a specialized microscope  to determine which problems/disorders we can treat and which ones we may need to refer to the medical professionals or specialist.  Some   disorders that we see during our daily practice include dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, dermatitis, dry, oily or itchy scalp, hair breakage, hair thinning, hair loss, excessive hair loss over the entire scalp, baldness patches, female and male pattern baldness, trichotillomania, alopecia or scaling alopecia.

As a  trained cosmetologist and trichologist in the beauty industry we hold advance training certifications to identify different forms of alopecia (there are more than 75) and trained to produce a microscopic analysis or hair shaft analysis.  We evaluate damaged hair follicles of the scalp and confirm the severity of the damaged follicle and alopecia for treatments or a solution. We may conduct an analysis of the hair shaft, (there are 36 types of disorders). We provide  nutritional counseling and may work jointly with other medical professionals to assist you in an overall hair health analysis. Depending on the outcome of the first analysis we may suggest a mineral analysis  and/or  recommend  therapeutic scalp treatments to restore the hair. Often a person may experience three or more disorders simultaneously.  When evaluating  alopecia and scalp disorders, both internal and external factors must be considered.










Any information of the pages of this website is not attended to diagnose any illness or sickness. We use cosmetic treatment for all our clients that have hair loss or hair restoration due to any internal imbalances. We are not  doctors nor do not intend to make any claims for healing a client. We provide salon services for the areas of Alief, West U, Bellaire; Houston; Missouri City; Stafford; Sugarland; Katy; Fresno; Rosharon; Cypress; Spring; Pearland; Friendswood Texas