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Do You Need A Trichologist?



Try The Hair Loss Checklist


If you answer “Yes” to any of the following symptoms or questions, it is likely that you will experience hair loss, premature thinning, balding, or scalp disorders in the future. It is important to consult a Trichologist. Early detection is always the best defense for hair loss and scalp disorders.


Are you having any of these symptoms? 

• Is receding hairlines, thinning or balding heredity in your family (mother or  father side)? 

• Do you have oily skin or scalp?
• Do you have a thyroid imbalance?

• Women, do you have excessive facial hair?

• Men, do you have excessive body hair?

• Do you crave sugar constantly and gained or lost more than fifteen
pounds recently?

• Women, are you per-menopausal, postmenopausal or menopausal?

• Have you experienced excessive emotional stress?

• Have you been diagnosed as anemic?

• Do you suffer from acne?

• Do you have a high fat intake?

• Are you presently, or have been on a weight loss diet?

• Do you suffer from digestive disorders (have less than 2 bowel movements a day)?

• Do you experience frequent illness?

• Do you frequently use antibiotics or medications?

• Do you have poor blood circulation?

• You don’t believe vitamin or mineral supplements are unnecessary?

• Have you recently given birth or had surgery?

• Is your scalp flaky, crusty, inflamed or itchy?

• Has your scalp been injured?

• Do you experience irregular or infrequent -bowel movements?

• Have you been diagnosed with a scalp fungus?

• Have you been experiencing hair shedding?


Do you have any of these scalp disorders and symptoms that can lead to more hair loss?

*  Thinning edges, can cause more hair loss if not treated

*  Thin hair on the head

*  Redness or inflammation on your scalp

*  Burning or tingling sensations

*  Pimples or scalp bumps

*  Dark or black dots or spots on your scalp

*  Short and long strands of hair in your comb or on the bathroom floor

*  Tender scalp, pain or sensitivity when touched or pressed


If you have any concerns about hair loss, let us help you. There are treatments and hair reconstruction methods that look and feel natural, proven treatments that can restore or re-grow your hair. If it is a medical condition, your insurance may help with your service.


Therapeutic Treatments involve no surgery, no drugs, with absolutely no side effects. Some benefits of our treatments are:

The Follicle Booster

*  Increased  blood supply to the scalp that carries nutrients to the follicle roots

*  Stimulates hair follicles to grow hair

*  Cosmetically slow down the progression of hair loss

*  Increases your hair strength and elasticity

*  Correcting scalp disorders 

If you are having problems with your scalp or hair and haven’t found a solution, look no further, you need to see Trichologist Jackie Creeks



Some Insurance Company May Help With Your Alopecia.




Any information on the pages of this website is not intended to diagnose any illness or sickness. We use cosmetic treatment for all our clients that have hair loss or hair restoration treatments due to any internal imbalances. We are not doctors nor do we make any claims for healing a client. 

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