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5 out of 5 rating | Ms. Jackie Creeks always does an outstanding job on my hair. I started going to her a year ago because my hair was thinning. I especially like the steam therapy after a wash. She has made several custom wigs for me, which all look like my natural hair. Since I’ve been going to Ms. Jackie, my natural hair has grown significantly and is much healthier. If you’re looking for a stylist who is genuinely concerned about the health of your hair and scalp and can give you a fantastic hairstyle, then Ms. Jackie Creeks is your stylist.
Vanessa C



Hi there! | Jenyl Tillis has just given Jackie Creeks a 5 out of 5 rating and left this comment: I love the service & hairstyle. My head sweated & with the other weave techniques, I did not breathe, lasting only two days. With this technique (custom topper), even with sweating, it can breathe & style is still there & all I have to do is comb & don't have to do flat iron. 
Jenyl Tillis



Appreciated the appointment was handled on time.
Barbara Gordon


Hi! | Sherita Rodgers has just given Jackie Creeks a 5 out of 5 rating and left this comment: So, after many years of trying different products and hair salons. I have finally found one that has given me much success in my long, drawn-out dilemma. At the Health Hair Clinic, Ms. Jackie was able to help me understand some things about the condition of my hair and pretty much care and begin it back to life! I received a wash, conditioning, henna treatment, and style. After she washed my hair, it was so soft! Once the washing, conditioning, and henna application was completed, Ms. Jackie used a product that helped detangle and moisturize my hair like no other. I am so pleased with the service I received and overly grateful for her line of products that have provided the proper care that my hair so desperately needed! Thanks, Ms. Jackie, for the excellent care and service that you gave me. I will be seeing you again!
Sherita Rodgers



Quo has just given Jackie Creeks a 5 out of 5 rating 
Today I had my natural hair washed and treated to prep for my custom wig created by Jackie. I absolutely love the cut and the color. I'm Ready for a second wig.
Quo C…