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Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

A Trichologist Can Give You Solutions For Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders.

Do you need an alternative to thinning hair or hair loss? Thinning or Diffuse Hair Loss may be related to; health imbalances, Alopecia Areata, Female Pattern Baldness, Male Pattern Baldness, Traction Alopecia, Dihydrotesterone (DHT) Lupus, or maybe due to Chemotherapy treatment. Have you noticed your hair continuing to break or perhaps not growing back?

There are alternatives that may help, such as a Topical Hair Loss Treatment or Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy performed by a certified professional that will recommend a personalized program to restore your hair. We have helped our clients’ cosmetically grow back hair with our therapeutic treatments and low-level laser therapy. The Healthy Hair Essentials product line are helping clients to cosmetically grow healthier hair.

Other Hair Loss Solutions
Medical Prosthesis

Custom Grafts and Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Evolve Hair Extensions    

If You're Having Hair Loss 

Healthy Hair Clinic and Healthy Hair Restoration Center objective is to keep or re-create the appearance of clients that have tanning or hair loss and to build self-esteem inside and out. Make an appointment today for an introductory 30-minute Microscope Analysis for hair loss and scalp disorder.

Hair Loss Consultation or Call 713-988-1222


In Our Hair Clinic, we often see clients with conditions such as eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis, dry, oily or itchy scalp, hair breakage and thinning. Some experience female pattern hair loss, child hair loss, excessive hair loss over the entire scalp, baldness or bald spots that suddenly appear. An excessive amount of hair loss from the scalp is known as diffuse hair loss.  As a Hair Restoration Center and Trichology Clinic, we consult with each client to examine their scalp and hair to determine the disorder and the root causes.

During your initial hair loss or scalp disorder consultation, we will provide a digital microscope hair and scalp examination. We adopt a holistic approach to our consultation for hair loss and scalp disorders by reviewing your general health, family history, lifestyle and other relevant factors that may cause hair loss. You will also visit our RN for the better healthy alternative to help in your overall hair loss. We have different types of treatments for Hair and Scalp Disorders based on your personal analysis results.

Book a 30-minute analysis to see what treatments are needed to help you. 

Hair Loss Consultation or Call 713-988-1222


Please note, there is a difference between analysis consulting and a hair loss consultation analysis of the hair and scalp.  We will be providing a hair and scalp analysis to see how the hair is thinning, in addition, we also check for follicle damage and build-up on the scalp that causes clogged follicles.


Video Of Clogged Hair Follicle and Dry Hair COMING SOON

Optional Analysis Consulting and Consultation Analysis Available: 


To Request, A Consultation for Hair Loss or Scalp Disorder, the first of 3  general consultation fee payments is required. That payment is nonrefundable. The investment may be used to reschedule your appointment for services. Pay below and request an appointment time.


Request General Consultations For $75.00 or
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Hair Loss Consultation


Please Note For An Appointment:
On the day of your hair clinic visit, please make sure that you reserve at least 1 hour for a Hair Analysis consultation. Please avoid washing your hair 3 days prior to the appointment. You may schedule treatments or hair services on the same day of the appointment. For hair, services add another 1 and a half hours to the appointment time. Appointments are scheduled according to our service time availability. All hair loss and consultation services are by scheduled appointments only. 


Your Consultation Appointment  may include:

  • "30 Minute Hair Analysis"
  •  "Trichology Consultation and Microscope Analysis"
  • "Hair Addition or Extension Consultation"


Important Notes

Running Late!

If you are running late for your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We value all of our clients equally and try to stay on schedule for everyone we serve, therefore, we ask and thank you in advance for your patience should we fall behind on appointments. Our goal is to give all clients the same quality service. 



Cancellations of all services require a 36-hour notice of Your Appointment Time. Should you miss the 36-hour notice window, there is a cancellation fee of $35.00. Please help us by calling in time to accommodate others that may want to take advantage of the opening. Thank you for understanding. 


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