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Vitamin Infusion Treatment

Healthy Hair Clinic With Trichologist Jackie Creeks

Hair Infusion Treatment For Hair Loss

* Have You Noticed Hair Thinning or
Hair Loss?
* Is Your Hair Weak and Breaking?
* Does Your Father Have Hair Loss?
* Are You Miss Your Edges?

WE HAVE A SOLUTION. To Grow Back Hair!
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    Trichology Consultation

    We Can see your Follicles

    Why A Microscopic Analysis?

    The cause of hair problems usually lies at the root of the hair in and around the bulb, this is where the root grows and reproduces hair. Our scalp analysis is to takes a microscopic scalp scan investigation of potential or current problems with your hair’s health. The Microscopic Analysis allows us to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells and the mouth of the hair follicle. The analysis helps us to identify common root problems, such as dirt, build-up and styling product, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up and lack of hair nutrition.

    You Have Options For Cranial Prothesis, Hair Systems, I-Tips And Hair Topper Installments

    Don't worry!
    Stop hair loss or thinning from your Lace Systems, Extensions, Breaded Hair System, Topper with Ms. Jackie. Not only can you choose your custom color or cut along with your desire style, you can choose a healthy method of installation as well.
    Click Here To Lean More About: Installation And Installment Services for hair systems and toppers.

    Optional Installment And Installation Services

    Cranial Prosthesis Are A Solutions For Hair Loss And Chemo Patients With Hair Loss

    Ms. Jackie understand the importance of you recovering from hair loss, after your medical or chemo treatment. When you are going through medically related hair loss, such as chemotherapy, burns, lupus, trichotillomania or alopecia; Ms. Jackie want to be an extension of your support system and the place you can turn to for your image with confidence or create a new you.
    If part of your recovery is to restore your hair, she can help with that too or maybe yiu would like to have a cranial prosthesis system design, she can help with designing one just for you. You can even use your own hair before treatment, if possible, to create a cranial prosthesis or a hand tried system. 

    You Have Much More Options With Our Cranial Prosthesis, Custom Hair Systems, Medical Wigs & Hair Additions! Let Us Show You.

    Don't let Medical Hair Loss for Chemo hold you or your style in chains. Life is so much more rewarding. Let Ms. Jackie help you in your new journey with a new image that is just beautiful as you are.

    Men You Have Options With A Custom System That look And Feel Natural

    A Hair System Can Remove 10 Years Off Your Life!

    Men System | Toppers | I-Tips | Hand Tied Wigs

    Men Hair System

    Ventilating or Customizing A Man's Hair System Should Look Natural!!!

    Custom Wigs

    We design wigs with an Industrial Sewing Machine for quality service
    Custom Toppers Can Be Made In Any Texture, Small Or Large To Clover Thinning Tops

    Custom I-Tips

    Kinky Straight I-Tips Not Only Give You Versatility To Style, But The Freedom To Create

    Ms. Jackie's Custom Wigs And Topper Collection

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