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A Introduction To Healthy Hair Clinic With Trichologist Jackie Creeks

Welcome To!

Healthy Hair Clinic With Trichologist Jackie Creeks

Trichologist Jackie Creeks is the owner of Healthy Hair Clinic for healthier hair. For clients with hair thinning, hair loss, or breakage, I respect your privacy and concerns with other client, this is why I have a private salon suite so that you can feel comfortable when having services. I am located inside of the My Salon Suite of West University. I have solutions and options for anyone that maybe experiencing hair breakage, alopecia, baldness, medical hair loss, thinning, shedding, men hair loss, hair loss due to menopause, trichotillomania disorder, female or children hair loss.

To maintain healthier hair you can come in weekly or biweekly for our hair loss treatments and hair care services that are for roller sets, blow-dry styles, hair coloring, highlight, blondes coloring and more. Jackie specializes in healthy hair services, Extensions, Bead-Weave, I-Tip, Micro Links, Non-surgical Hair Replacement, to help clients restore their damaged hair from chemicals breakage, thinning, hair shedding or dry hair with cosmetic treatments for healthy hair. Services are for clients with natural and relaxed hair that want results.

 You can add length or volume to your hair with Authentic Hair Bundles, Authentic Clip-ins or Authentic I-Tip Extensions. Try our custom wig service or have a custom hand tried Hair System design for your needs. You can shop Authentic Bundles And Wigs soon for Remy Hair and Raw Indian Hair Bundles in Straight to Body Wave, Kinky Curl and Afro Kinky in Bundles or Wigs.

Ms. Jackie is knowledgeable in the area of natural health which relates to hair and scalp disorders and your general hair health. Her service are open to everyone regardless of ethnicity and hair conditions or textures. Jackie certified in high lift blondes, hair restoration treatments, scalp disorder, and hair loss solutions that are affordable and you can trust for results. Some of your options may be undetectable hair additions, invisible hair extensions, toppers, custom lace wigs, custom machine crafted wigs, custom hand tied ventilated wigs, frontals, integration hair systems, and cranial prosthetic.

My Installation And Installment Services

Book Service For Hair Breakage

You won't have to worry about hair loss or thinning from your Front Lace Wigs, Extensions, Bread Weaves, Toppers any more with Ms. Jackie. Not only can you choose your custom cut or custom color a long with your desire style, you can choose your healthy method of installation as well. Just Click Here To Lean More About: Installation And Installment Services 

Options For Men Hair Thinning Or Hair Loss, That look And Feel Natural

A Hair System Can Remove 10 Years Off Your Life!

Jackie Creeks Custom Collection Wigs

Solutions For Chemotherapy Patients And Hair Loss

I understand the importance of you recovering after a medical or cancer treatment with confidence! When you are going through medically-related hair loss, such as chemotherapy, lupus, trichotillomania or alopecia; we want to be an extension of your support system and the place you can turn too. If part of your recovery is to restore your hair or have a wig, hair system. We would love to help, you can use your own hair before treatment, if possible, to create your cranial prosthesis (hair garment/wig)or a hand tried system.  It's a joy for us to help women keep their identity regardless of what type of hair loss they are experiencing. It's important that you not only look good, but you like the new you in a custom cranial prosthesis, which can be design from your photo or even create you a new image if that's your desire. We are here to make the process easy and convenient for you! 

There Is Much More To Our Cranial Presthesis, Custom Wigs & Hair Additions!
Let Us Show You.

Don't let Medical Hair Loss for Chemo hold you or your style in chains. Life is so much more rewarding. Let Ms. Jackie help you in your new journey with a new image that is just beautiful as you are.

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