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Anit-Breakage Relaxer System

Do enjoy Doing Relaxers?

Did the Natural Phase hurt your business?

Do you have clients that their hair always keeps breaking after a relaxer?

Is Your Clients hair Dry?

Do you have clients that always burn when having a relaxer?

If you are having any of these problems and try to understand why I would like to invite you to learn more about my antiBreakage Relaxer System. 

  • Learn what happens to the hair when you are putting on a relaxer.

  • Learn how to remove relaxer residue.
  • Learn how to stop dryness in the hair

  • Learn Why You should not rinse with hot water

  • Why it is important to understand the relaxer diagram.

  • Can you spill the relaxer application and why

  • Why you shouldn't put the relaxer on the scalp

  • How to build your relaxer business.

  • What Client should never get a relaxer?

  • How to apply a relaxer for no breakage

  • What Treatments you should always use when an applying a relaxer

These are some of the top points in understanding how to use an Anti-Breakage Relaxer System.

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$59.95 or $99.00