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Follicle Booster Package

My Clients' Hair Is Growing Back
We Have Two Systems To Grow Hair Back

* The Infuse Vitamin System 
* The Follicle Booster System

This Client Use The Follicle Booster System
Her Hair Wasn't Growing On The Sides
Hear What She Has To Say

She Has CC Alopecia And Her Hair Is Growing Back

The Follicle Booster Package is a system designed to clean and stimulate the follicles to grow healthier hair. The system will wake up hair follicles that are asleep and jump start the hair growth process. The Follicle Booster Package contains products that work systemically together helping with hair thinning and hair loss.

The package comes with 4 core products and 2 optional products that can be added. The optional products are the hair vitamins and the leave-in conditioner for dry thirsty hair. This combination is to create a power package for healthier hair, a system to stimulate your follicles with hair growing nutrients.

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The Follicle Booster System

1. Pre-Cleaner is specially developed to begin breaking up buildup on the scalp, with emphasis on cleaning the opening of the embedded hair, keeping the opening clean, so that nutrients can enter to the follicle roots and initiate scalp stimulation, as a therapeutic process.

2. Herbal Essential Shampoo is gentle to the hair, leaving the hair soft with no buildup. Herbal Essential Shampoo is rich in aloe vera and organic ingredients designed to nourish the hair from the inside out. 

3. Coconut Moisture Souffle' is a conditioner design to hydrate dry thirsty hair. It is a none oily, creamy product used to add moisture to the inside of the hair shaft.

4. Follicle Booster Cream promotes a healthy scalp, by increasing blood circulation to the follicle with added nutrients that produce hair growth. Follicle Booster is excellent in restoring follicles that are not producing any hair.

Optional Products For A 
Healthy Hair  Package 

5.¬†Moisture Infusion Leave-in Conditioner Spray¬†is a must have conditioning spray. It's excellent and perfect for all hair types ‚Äď even the finest of hair won‚Äôt feel weighed down by this light, yet moisturizing spray. Moisture Infusion spray nourishes the hair with pro-vitamin B5, that will strengthen and hydrate hair.¬†

6. Hair Vitamins Complex provides the nutrients that are essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Our Hair Vitamin Complex contains herbs and botanicals that have  antioxidants benefits including rosemary, ginkgo, and aloe vera, designed to promote healthy follicle roots.

For Hair Thinning, Hair Loss And More Healthier Hair!

Follicle Booster Package
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