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For Braids, Weaves, Extensions And Wigs  - The Pre-cleaner Spray - Healthy Hair Clinic

The Pre-cleaner Mist Spray - For Braids, Weaves, Extensions And Wigs

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Pre-Cleaner Mist Spray comes in an 8 oz bottle that is developed to breaking up buildup on the scalp and remove bacteria and fungus. Emphasis is on cleaning the scalp before shampooing your hair when you are wearing a net weaves, extensions, wigs, and braids so that there are no bacteria growing on the scalp. You will notice that the Pre-Cleaner Spray will loosen dry scalp buildup from psoriasis before your shampoo. Pre-Cleaner  MistSpray is the first step in supporting a healthy scalp. The Pre-Cleaner Mist Spray is not like co-wash products or shampoos; it is a therapeutic cleaner to remove any buildup on the scalp. Promoting a healthy scalp that is thinning or hair loss, so that you can grow healthier hair.