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Pre-cleaner Refill Bottle - Healthy Hair Clinic

Pre-Cleaner Spray

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Pre-Cleaner Spray is the first step in supporting a healthy scalp. This spray will loosen dirt and break up the buildup on the scalp and hair, removing bacteria, and fungus on the scalp. Emphasis is on cleaning the scalp before shampooing or a treatment. Use when wearing weaves, extensions, wigs, and braids to clean deep under your system, so that no bacteria/fungus can grow on the scalp. Pre-Cleaner spray will loosen dry scalp buildup from psoriasis before you shampoo.

It is important to clean the embedded hair around the opening of the follicle (“what we call the mouth of the follicle, which you can see on the scope”) keeping this clean and unclogged is important so that nutrients can enter and go to the follicle roots to initiate scalp stimulation as a therapeutic process. You will notice that the Pre-Cleaner will loosen dry scalp buildup from psoriasis before your shampoo and hair loss treatments. Comes in an 8oz bottle