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Anti-fungal Serum 6 oz - Healthy Hair Clinic

Anti-fungal Drop

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Anti-Fungal Drop 4 oz is excellent in helping scalp infections, bacteria, and fungus on the scalp. The drops penetrate deep into the scalp where the problem area is. Anti-Fungal Hair Drops help with flaking or extra dry scalps, build-up, psoriasis, and folliculitis. Use the Anti Fungal Drops to help restore scalp health by applying drops to the scalp daily to moisturize, nourish, stop hair loss, and clear up folliculitis from the inside.

When clearing up folliculitis, bumps on the scalps, hair bumps, or scalp acne on the back of the head or neck use a cotton ball. Anti-Fungal Drops have helped a child with scalp disorder, dry skin, and other scalp issues. Some clients say they have seen results in 24 hours when using the Anti-Fungal Drop for their scalp problem.

This product is not approved by FDA or designed to take the place of your doctor’s advice. Anti-Fungal Hair Drops are a natural product made of natural oil and botanical extra to aid in healing the scalp.