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Ventilation Repair

Protect Your Investment:
Protect your investment in your wigs by having wig repair services for wigs and systems. You can resize your wig or system to fit your head when it is too big. Sometimes, your system may need cap construction, which we can do for you. When your system has lost the hair, we can repair it by hand-tied/ventilation for toppers and wigs.Ā 

Hairline Reventilated:
You can have your hairline ventilated when your hairline is entirely different than the system by ventilating to give a realistic hairline.

Custom Services:

A custom ventilated system for hair loss takes 4 to 8 weeks to make; some of my systems are premade and available for purchase.

Donate Your Hair For Custom System And Hair Additions
We have clients who donate their hair to help others have beautiful hair, and they get a free haircut and shampoo. Women can also have family members donate their hair to craft a system for them so their style stays the same without noticeable changes when going through chemo.

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