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Follicle Booster Cream - Healthy Hair Clinic

Follicle Booster Cream

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Follicle Booster Cream 6 oz.  is excellent in restoring follicles that are not producing any hair. Follicle Booster Cream has been used on clients who experienced hair loss resulting in superb hair growth.

Use Follicle Booster Cream for thinning hair or hair loss. It promotes a healthy scalp, and good blood circulation providing nutrients to the follicles to produce hair. We recommend using the follicle booster cream every other day. Apply a small amount to the scalp and then massage the scalp every day. Use follicle booster as a hair loss therapy. For best results, clean the scalp with a pre-cleaner and essential herbal shampoo, which is a non-sulfate shampoo, and then apply follicle booster treatment.