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Salon Services - Wig Repair Service - Healthy Hair Clinic

Salon Services - Wig Repair Service

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Salon Services - Wig And System Repair Services 

When it comes to repairing a wig or hair addition, we may need to use tools and materials to restore your system. Thus, different services will change the price, which can start at $65 to $125.00.

We only repair 100 % human hair wigs, and we will be using our 100% Indian or our premium hair collection, which can also change the price. Repairs can include:
1. replacing the lace frontal
2. sewing a rip in the lace front
3. tightening the wig that has become too large
4. replacing bands
5. re-ventilate lace front with hair
6. reconstruct stock wig cap/base 

You would have to set a zoom consultation, send us a video of the repairs needed, photos for repairs. After the consult, and deposit has been placing, we will send you an agreement document to sign, that you want us to repair your custom system to start repairs.