The Hair Botox Treatment


When natural hair has been over straightened using a curling iron, it can cause damage and the hair to lose its curl pattern. When this happens the bonds in the hair have been broken to no return and you will usually have to cut your hair. Not only does this happen to hair that has been over straight with iron, but this is a problem with hair bleaching as well. What has happened, is we push the hair beyond its limits without treatments that can protect and correct the hair.
We tell our clients you don’t have to cut your hair anymore as you can see our client seen the result of her first Hair Treatment that we call it Botox Treatment in a bottle with Trichologist Jackie Creeks and Kalecia in the salon, what a happy client that learn that she didn’t have to cut her hair.  


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The complete finish work of the styling in video The Hair Botox Treatment Part 2 coming soon



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