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Authentic Lace Addition Bangs - Healthy Hair Clinic

Authentic Lace Addition Bangs

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The Bang provides extra coverage along the hairline with a perfectly swooped cut. Clip this piece along the hairline as desired above eye level.

Length: Approx. 10" (of sides) 6" (of front)
Weight: 0.76oz (21g) approx.
Base:  5" x 1"
Base Material: Thick lace base outlined with a polyurethane strip
Clips: 3 x 1" Medium clips 
Type of Hair: Hand-Knotted Remy Human Hair


The perfect hairpiece to add extra volume at the crown area! The Bumper is a dense enough piece to create the volume needed but light enough to be nearly seamless. Simply wear this piece under a generous section of your hair, clip the Bumper piece securely, and lay hair over the piece. If needed, lightly tease your hair for better coverage. Item is final sale. 


NEW Rooted Bang pieces are available for your 'in between' color moments. This clip-and-go piece is the easiest way to change your style and with a dark rooted selection, bangs have never looked so good! Share your banging transformations by tagging #jackiecreeks 

Length: Approx. 6.5"
Weight: 0.42oz (12.5g) approx.
Base: 4" wide x 1 1/2" in depth
Base Material: Lace base outlined with a polyurethane strip
Clips: 4 x 1" Medium clips 
Type of Hair: Hand-Knotted Remy Human Hair


The V Bang is designed to lay along your natural hair growth for a perfect blend by parting your hair consistent with the “V” shaped base. 


The Blunt Bang is the most popular hairpiece to change your look without cutting your hair. Perfect for up-do's! 


The Hair Shop's 909 Conditioner is a gentle, enriched conditioner that helps avoid dry, frizzy hair leaving your luscious locks smooth and gentle to the touch. 

Directions: Apply conditioner after shampoo avoiding any extension bond. Comb fingers or wide-tooth comb through hair, let saturate & rinse. 

Recommended use: After shampoo, 2-3 times a week.

4 fl. oz. bottle • Ingredients: Water, Cetryl Alcohol, Cetrimonium, Bromide, Silk Amino Protein, Methyl Paraben, Propylparaben • Gentle, for daily use.