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The Foundation To Industrial Wig Tailoring


Wigs vs Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions (The Difference).

Learn everything there is to know about the hair replacement industry and Why the world needs you. Over 80 million Women Are affected by this Epidemic called Hair-loss. Be a part of the solution.

Get Trained! Create Hair Loss Solutions for people looking for you.

What you will Learn (Started Kit Included and so much more):

  • Hairpiece types
  • Hair Replacement options
  • Different base designs
  • Permanent versus temporary hair loss
  • Template
  • Product Knowledge for different systems
  • Blueprinting
  • Texture & Density control
  • Molding
  • Identify your client
  • How to Design Specifically for each client
  • How to talk to Vendors
  • Placement
  • Different application and Attachments
  • Materials
  • Measurements
  • How to take & place orders
  • Digital Coaching Included
  • Vendor Knowledge
  • Forms