Non-surgical Women Hair Replacement


There is a difference in Wigs vs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Hair Loss Solutions. Getting trained can help people that are looking for a solution to their hair loss.

You Are The Solution! 

There are over 80 million women that are affected by this epidemic called Hair-Loss and it is not going away any time soon. By adding the service of Non-surgical hair replacement to your salon, you are a part of the solution for many that are suffering from hair loss. There is even a solution for women with braids, locks and natural hair. This class will be equipping you to become a certified Women Non-surgical Hair Replacement specialist.


 What you will learn in this class  

  • A started practical kit, is Included and so much more
  • 5 different hairpiece types
  • 5 Hair Replacement options
  • 5 Different base designs
  • Punderstanding permanent versus temporary hair loss
  • Understanding the blueprint of a template
  • Product knowledge for different systems
  • The blueprinting of the head for design
  • Texture & density control
  • 2 types of molding
  • Identify your client level
  • How to design for 5 specifically client with hair loss
  • Forms & Records
  • How to place a system
  • Different application and Attachments
  • Understanding your hair replacement materials
  • Mastering head measurements
  • How to take & place orders
  • How to place a custom order with a vendor
  • 90 days of coaching Included in this class


Total $995.00

Weekly/Biweekly Payment Plan $195 5/$200 or $295 5/$150

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There is 3 way to pay. major credit card, pay play or use them together