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Cachet Wigs

I will alway take care of my clients that want to keep a healthy scalp and a healthy head of hair, for natural and relaxed hair, along with color. 

But in 2017 I began focusing more on trichotillomania and alopecia clients. My goal is to give my clients the best hair experience possible by promoting  healthier hair, making a cranial prosthesis, custom wigs, hair additions and more. It brings me great joy when I see my client's smile restored along with  confidence and self-esteem after they are transformed by using one of my hair systems.

I design  hair additions to meet their special needs using all textures of hair that not only look natural but feel natural too. Come, try and experience the  Cachet Status  that others will envy. What's the Cachet Status? It is a Prestigious, Elegant, Superior look among hair systems,  with  street credibility.


Cachet will give you the state of being respected or admired. When you wear Cachet products, you will enjoy the prestige of celebrity hair. 


Wig Making Video

Here is a hair addition that I'm repairing for a client. Every client is different and will need to have a consultation to meed their needs. Custom wigs are not a one fit all. When you are needing special services you cranial prosthesis, hair addition or wig will be tailor design just for you. A custom system can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for a full wigs. When ordering a custom system it will give you the most natural look and feel of being your own hair.

Monthly Hair Showcase

Each month we love sharing our hair system of the month.  In addition to designing systems that look and feel natural. we design them to blend with any skin tone. To become a model Email your information or call for a consultation. 

713-988-1222 | info@thehairshowcase.coml

Custom Wig and Hair Additions