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Moisture-Infusion Leaven-in Conditioner Spray

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Moisture Infusion Leave-in Conditioner Spray 

Do You Have Knots?
No Knots anymore with Moisture Infusion Leave-in Detangler Spray!

It is a must-have conditioner spray. It's excellent and perfect for all hair types – even the finest of hair won’t feel weighed down by this light, yet moisturizing spray. You will notice your stubborn tangles and knots disappear when using moisture infusion leave-in spray. It will nourish the hair with pro-vitamin B5 as it strengthens and hydrates the hair, leaving hair tangle-free and incredibly soft and smooth with a shiny bounce. Moisture Infusion Leave-in Spray Conditioner is an excellent complement to a hair care line, making it an excellent fit for any hair care system – remember to  – “Shake Before Use.”

    Wash hair, towel dry and apply Infusion Spray Detangler into the hair. It is best when used on damp hair, but can be used on dry hair also.  Spray small amounts at a time and let sit for 10 seconds. Then Comb the hair starting at the ends and work up the hair shaft.  Spray Detangler will moisturize and condition the hair. 

    When hair is tangled, divide it into sections.  If you can, begin at the lowest point of the tangled area and proceed with one section of hair at a time. Reapply spray as needed. Avoid eye contact. Do not use on sensitive scalps if you have included any essential oils.