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Pre-cleaner Refill Bottle

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Pre-Cleaner Refill Bottle is an 8 oz. Refill Pre-cleaner was designed to save money after buying the special Pre-cleaner Mist Spray bottle. Pre-cleaner will break up the buildup on the scalp and hair. Emphasis is on cleaning the mouth of the embedded hair, keeping the opening clean so that nutrients can enter and go to the follicle roots to initiate scalp stimulation, as a  therapeutic process. You will notice that the Pre-Cleaner will loosen dry scalp buildup from psoriasis before your shampoo. 
Pre-Cleaner is the first step in supporting a healthy scalp. Pre-Cleaner is excellent in cleansing the hair gently and effectively without stripping the scalps of its natural oils. Pre-Cleaner is not co-wash products or shampoos; it is a therapeutic cleaner for thinning or hair loss as well, and it promotes healthier hair. The pre-cleaner spray doesn't have a sprayer, you will need to add a sprayer to use

Our Guideline
Use a spray top to spray Pre-cleaner all over the scalp and hair and massage it thoroughly into scalp and hair for 5 to 10 minutes massage for stick buildup and rinse with warm water. You will notice the buildup has begun to be removed before you shampoo. Begin your regular regiment of shampoo, conditioning, and styling.
For massive build-up use a steamer or warm towels and let the Pre-cleaner sit with a plastic cap for 10 minutes (keeping the scalp warm), then rinse with warm water. Next use the Herbal  Shampoo, Conditioning and Styling products for hair. Repeat as needed.