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Authentic Kinky Hair Wig

Cachet Cambodian and Caribbean (Yaki) Lace Front Wig is machine craft that is 100% Remy Hair. This wig comes in natural hair colors from off black/darkest brown to a natural warm brown, which can be custom colored and cut to your desired length. Cachet Cambodian texture wig comes in 4 different textures to choose. You can have a front lace wig, with scatch lace in the middle or a full lace wig with no scratch that is custom. The frontals are made with a 13x6 lace (which can be parted to the crown) for a more realistic top and sides that can be styled in many fashionable styles. The hairline is customized to give a more realistic look.

What Is A Cachet Yaki Hair Wig
There are four types of Cachet Cambodian Wigs; the texture has a slightly crimped and courser texture than other types of human hair. It resembles chemically relaxed hair to coarse hair texture. 
Cachet Cambodian Hair Bundles and Wigs are our Cambodian Hair Collection that comes with a natural hair color, which can be custom colored.

The Cachet Cambodian (Yaki) Hair Types
1. Light Yaki Hair - looks like hair that has been relaxed and flat ironed. 
2. Relaxed Yaki Hair - resembles relaxed hair but is not silky or straight.
3. Kinky Yaki Hair - looks like hair that has not been chemically relaxed but has been blow-dried straight. 
4. Afro/Coarse Kinky/Yaki Hair - resembles untreated African Caribbean hair and maybe kinky wavy or kinky curly.
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